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Interdisciplinary thinker & essayist JAYON YOU takes photographs with her mind's eye — framing, bringing to a sharp focus, making visible what

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otherwise would remain muddled or invisible.
    She holds a B.A. in PPE [Philosophy, Politics & Economics] from University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Social & Cultural Anthropology from Oxford University & a Master of Design from University of Pennsylvania.  She is also trained as a classical pianist & studied with Solomon Mikowsky & Byron Janis in New York City.
  Her writing & concept based works give synthesis to her interdisciplinary training & her wide-ranging intellectual & artistic interests. They converge on the intersection between the individual & society that fuses the personal with the critical in direct engagement with urgent issues of our time. 
In 2020, she published a collection of 24 personal & critical essays — A SOCIETY FULL OF MULTICULTURAL INDIVIDUALS — which uses her own experience of immigration to America at the age of thirteen as a critical frame for illuminating on the issue of multiculturalism both in the context of Europe & America.

   She taught as a design professor at a liberal arts college in Midwest America (Drury University) between 2010-2015, where she got to teach not only design majors but also students across all majors in direct engagement with urgent issues of our time.  Since 2015, she has been based in Berlin & continued to teach online — against the backdrop of refugee crisis in Europe, the shifting ethos & increasing polarization in America & the rise of populism & decline of liberal democracy around the globe — engaging students in critical analysis of WHERE WE STAND NOW & social visioning of HOW WE CAN MOVE FORWARD.

    She is the founder of ART OF CONSCIOUSNESS, which empowers individuals with the tools to connect with their deeper self, from which they can unleash & express their full potential.


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