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What is true power & how does one come to feel it?

When I first decided that I wanted to write, I felt powerless to write, which set me off on a journey of trying to figure out why I couldn't write.  I discovered that while most endeavors in life was achievable through a strong discipline and willpower, creativity was one arena that could not happen without being connected to one's deeper self — where true source of power resides.  I went on an obsessive search of understanding what 'true power' is & how one becomes connected to it.  What I discovered along this process turned out to be the most valuable truth that life could have revealed to me, which not only enabled me to write but also ended up transforming all arenas of my life. I decided to share my insights to empower others and make it more accessible to the wider public.


ART OF CONSCIOUSNESS empowers you with the tools to connect with your true source of power, from which you can unleash & express your full potential.  It takes you through a step-by-step process of dismantling what's blocking access to your true source of power & connecting with it. You will not only come to understand what true power is conceptually, but also embody it experientially & be rooted in it. 


Beyond analysis of the mind or connection with the body, it goes deeper into connecting with consciousness itself — where your true source of power resides. It works both on the level of 'form' & 'formless' dimension: ​Identifying & releasing what's blocking access to your true source of power (the 'form' dimension) AND empowering you with the tools to connect with your true source of power (the 'formless' dimension). A growing intensity of consciousness & dis-identification with 'form' — the process of HEALING —  would allow you to fully & firmly step into your true source of power.

It is suitable for anyone who wants to feel their power/worth/value from within themselves & (re)start their lives from the place of empowerment rather than dis-empowerment.   It is also recommended for those with creative goals (writers, artists, entrepreneurs...) who want to create works that arise from the source/wellspring of creativity that have the power to communicate the deeper truth.