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What is true power & how do you come to feel it? When Jayon You decided that she wanted to write, she felt powerless to write, which set her off on a journey of trying to figure out why she couldn't write. She discovered that while most endeavors in life was achievable through a strong discipline and willpower, creativity was one arena that could not happen without being connected to one's deeper self — where true source of power resides.​  She went on an obsessive search of understanding what 'deeper self' is & how one becomes connected to it.  What she discovered along this process turned out to be the most valuable truth that life could have revealed to her, which not only enabled her to write but also ended up transforming all arenas of her life. She decided to share her insights to empower others and make it more accessible to the wider public.  She realized that she had learned to access this dimension — the transcendental dimension — through her training in music. Fascinated that the access to this dimension didn't have to depend on mastery of an instrument nor did it have to be fleeting as it was the case in music, she wanted to share this insight with as many people as possible as a way of democratizing the access.

Coming Soon!
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