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How do we create an inclusive & egalitarian society in which diversity is not merely tolerated or managed but fully harnessed as a thriving lived experience for enrichment of everyone involved & benefit of the society as a whole? Despite progress made over the last decades, MULTICULTURALISM remains an enduring challenge, all the more urgent as we stand at the junction of retrogressing to the homogeneous & hierarchical past rather than progressing towards egalitarian, inclusive & plural ideals. JAYON YOU, in this collection of 24 personal & critical essays, uses her own experience of immigration to America at the age of 13 & what gave her a resolution on the questions of belonging, identity & relationship between cultures as a critical frame for illuminating on the issue of multiculturalism both in the contexts of Europe & America.  She frames three contrasting 'ethos' of societies — from assimilationist, multicultural to a society full of multicultural individuals — making visible WHY where we stand now is still a problem & HOW we can move beyond where we stand now towards creating a truly multicultural society. In the process, she clarifies some of the most urgent questions of our time: HOW immigrants come to be integrated into a society & what we mean by 'integration' anyway; HOW a society could embrace diversity without losing culture, identity & solidarity of the nation; HOW the comparative context between an immigrant nation from its inception & an ethnic nation with a growing diversity can help inform each other.

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