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When we say 'democracy' in the West, we mean liberal democracy.  But increasingly, liberal democratic values — such as freedom, rule of law, equality & inclusion — have come under attack, not only in societies that adopted liberal democracies from the West but within Western liberal democracies themselves.


CRISIS OF LIBERAL DEMOCRACY, 6-week online course, explores WHAT we mean by 'liberal' in liberal democracy, WHY it has come under attack & HOW we can restore the liberal democratic values as the source of unity rather than division.

The workshop sharpens critical thinking & design thinking in direct engagement with urgent issues of our time; a capacity to zoom out & SEE the relationship between broad intersection of forces;  a capacity to analyze & locate the root of the problem & generate solutions that intervene at the root of the problem.


​Participants are led through weekly modules with engaging lectures & readings as well as stimulating rounds of discussion.  The course is offered throughout the year — SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER [WORKSHOP CALENDAR].  MULTICULTURAL CHALLENGE is also interested in partnering with institutions across the globe in integrating the course into their curriculum — to inquire about this partnership, please use this INQUIRY FORM.

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