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Despite the eruption of populism across the globe that is throwing liberal democratic values into a disarray, there is little public understanding of what populism is, what's fueling it & what can be done about it.


ROOTS OF POPULISM, 6-week online course, takes participants through the process of holistically & systematically making sense of how the intersection between economic, social, cultural & psychological forces is fueling the phenomenon of populism that is being expressed now & how it can be addressed at the root.

The workshop sharpens critical thinking & design thinking in direct engagement with urgent issues of our time; a capacity to zoom out & SEE the relationship between broad intersection of forces;  a capacity to analyze & locate the root of the problem & generate solutions that intervene at the root of the problem. Participants are led through weekly modules with engaging lectures & readings as well as stimulating rounds of discussion. 

The workshop is offered throughout the year — SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER [please see COURSE CALENDAR] & upcoming workshop is listed below.  MULTICULTURAL CHALLENGE is also interested in partnering with institutions across the globe in integrating this workshop into their curriculum — to inquire about this partnership, please use this INQUIRY FORM.

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