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  • HOW do we create an inclusive & egalitarian society in which diversity is not merely tolerated or managed but fully harnessed as a thriving lived experience for enrichment of everyone involved & benefit of the society as a whole?

  • Inserts analytic insight on HOW we can rise up to the challenges of creating a multicultural democracy in the 21C.  Focuses on the following key challenges: 

    • INTEGRATION: HOW immigrants come to be integrated into a society & what we mean by 'integration' anyway;

    • FEAR OF LOSING CULTURE & IDENTITY WITH A GROWING DIVERSITY: HOW a society could embrace diversity without losing culture, identity & solidarity of the nation;

    • FAIRNESS:  HOW we can ensure fairness for ALL — the sense of unfairness felt by the majority that is fueling the 'white backlash' (intersection between CLASS & RACE);

    • HARNESSING DIVERSITY: HOW the benefit of diversity can be fully harnessed as a thriving lived experience for enrichment of everyone involved & benefit of the society as a whole;

    • ROOTS OF POPULISM/DECLINE OF LIBERAL DEMOCRACY: HOW multiculturalism can be placed in the context of the rise of populism & crisis of liberal democracy

  • Takes a UNIFYING approach of dissolving the boundary between the majority & minorities by treating MULTICULTURALISM not as a 'minority' issue or 'how to treat minorities better,' which maintains a division between the majority & minorities, but a social justice issue that concern us ALL — 'what kind of society would we choose to create based on the values that we believe in,' 'how can we ensure equality, fairness & justice for ALL,' which brings everyone together in a shared pursuit of shared ideals.



  • What is true power & how do you come to feel it?

  • Empowers individuals & groups with the tools to connect with their true source of power & feel their worth/value/power from within themselves, independent of anything external.  It takes you through a step-by-step process of dismantling what's blocking access to your true source of power & connecting with it. You will not only come to understand what true power is conceptually, but also embody it experientially & be rooted in it.

  • METHOD: Beyond analysis of the mind or connection with the body, it goes deeper into connecting with consciousness itself.  It works both on the level of 'form' & 'formless' dimension: 1) Identifying & releasing what's blocking access to your true source of power (the 'form' dimension) AND 2) empowering you with the tools to connect with your true source of power (the 'formless' dimension) — the the seat from which you can watch, with distance & spaciousness, the forms that arise without being identified with them. It uses the arenas you feel 'powerless' about as the opportunity strengthen your connection to your deeper self & expedite your healing process. A growing intensity of consciousness (the 'formless') & dis-identification with 'form' — the process of HEALING —  would allow you to fully & firmly step into your true source of power.



  • Teaches HOW you can build up a piece of essay from scratch that captures what you see as you see it;

  • Leads you through the process of 1) Externalizing what you want to express; 2) Moulding into shape; 3) Closing the gap — attaining expressive freedom in precisely communicating what you want to express.

  • Offers:​
    • SINGLE ESSAY WORKSHOP: devoted to crafting a single essay with three rounds of feedback;
    • 6-WEEK INTENSIVE WORKSHOP: each week devoted to building up a single essay, the repetition over the course of a 6-week period will help you find your own voice & discover the kind of writing that best expresses your gift & potential.
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