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  • HOW do we create an inclusive & egalitarian society in which diversity is not merely tolerated or managed but fully harnessed as a thriving lived experience for enrichment of everyone involved & benefit of the society as a whole?

  • Inserts analytic insight on HOW we can rise up to the challenges of creating a multicultural democracy in the 21C.  Focuses on the following key challenges: 

    • INTEGRATION: HOW immigrants come to be integrated into a society & what we mean by 'integration' anyway;

    • FEAR OF LOSING CULTURE & IDENTITY WITH A GROWING DIVERSITY: HOW a society could embrace diversity without losing culture, identity & solidarity of the nation;

    • FAIRNESS:  HOW we can ensure fairness for ALL — the sense of unfairness felt by the majority that is fueling the 'white backlash' (intersection between CLASS & RACE);

    • HARNESSING DIVERSITY: HOW the benefit of diversity can be fully harnessed as a thriving lived experience for enrichment of everyone involved & benefit of the society as a whole;

    • ROOTS OF POPULISM/CRISIS OF LIBERAL DEMOCRACY: HOW multiculturalism can be placed in the context of the rise of populism & crisis of liberal democracy



  • What is healing & how do you come to heal?

  • WHAT: Teaches HOW you can shift from being in the SHADOW to LIGHT, from feeling WORTHLESS to WORTHY, from DISEMPOWERED to EMPOWERED, from DISCONNECTED to RECONNECTED.

  • HOW: By empowering you with the tools to connect with your deeper self (where your true self & worth resides) AND transcend the accumulated baggage of conditioning (what's blocking access to your true self & worth). SHADOW WORK shows HOW you can connect with your deeper self + let go the accumulated baggage of conditioning.


    • Unloaded the accumulated baggage of conditioning — the 'crutches' to derive your sense of self & worth;

    • ​Found your true self — who you really are;

    • Came to feel your intrinsic worth/value;

    • Came to feel your inner wholeness/fullness/light;

    • Came to access the transcendental dimension — the unbearable lightness of BEING; 

    • Came to access your inner knowing & inner authority

  • FORMATS OFFERED: Lecture, Masterclass, 1;1 Sessions


  • ESSAY WRITING WORKSHOP: Teaches HOW you can build up an essay from scratch that captures what you see; Leads you through the process of: 1) Externalizing what you want to express; 2) Moulding into shape; 3) Closing the gap between what you want to express & what gets expressed — attaining expressive freedom in precisely communicating what you see as you see it. 
    • Formats offered:
      • SINLGE ESSAY WORKSHOP: devoted to crafting a single essay with three rounds of feedback;
      • 6-WEEK INTENSIVE WORKSHOP: Each week devoted to building up a single essay, the repetition over the course of a 6-week period will help you find your own voice & discover the kind of writing that best expresses your gift & potential;
  • WRITER'S BLOCK WORKSHOP: Empowers you with the tools to overcome your creative block & manifest your creative vision.  Suitable for aspiring writers, artists & entrepreneurs who want to create but feel powerless to move forward & those who want to create works that arise from the well spring of creativity that have the power to create deeper truth.
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