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Writer & educator JAYON YOU takes photographs with her mind's eye — framing, bringing to a sharp focus, making visible what would otherwise remain muddled or invisible. 

jayon you

     She holds a B.A. in PPE [Philosophy, Politics & Economics] from University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Social & Cultural Anthropology from Oxford University & a Master of Design from University of Pennsylvania.  She is also trained as a classical pianist & studied with Solomon Mikowsky & Byron Janis in New York City.

   Her writing & concept based works give synthesis to her interdisciplinary training & her wide-ranging intellectual & artistic interests. They converge on intersection between the individual & society that fuses the personal with the critical in direct engagement with urgent issues of our time. In 2020, she published a collection of 24 personal & critical essays, A SOCIETY FULL OF MULTICULTURAL INDIVIDUALS, which uses her own experience of immigration to America at the age of 13 as a critical frame for illuminating on the issue of multiculturalism both in the context of Europe & America.

   She taught as a design professor at Drury University, a liberal arts college in Midwest America between 2010-2015 & continued to teach online while based in Berlin against the backdrop of refugee crisis in Europe, the shifting ethos & increasing polarization in America, the rise of populism & crisis of liberal democracy around the globe, engaging students in critical analysis of WHERE WE STAND NOW & social visioning of HOW WE CAN MOVE FORWARD.

     She is the founder of two educational projects: SOCIAL IMAGINARY, the SPACE for CRITICAL ANALYSIS & SOCIAL VISIONING, which clarifies shared ideals & generates shared vision forward AND  ART OF CONSCIOUSNESS, the SPACE for HEALING, which empowers individuals with the tools to connect with their deeper self, from which they can unleash & express their full potential.

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